Architectural design- provides an opportunity to not only add beauty and structure to the world, but to profoundly improve the conditions for people, communities, society, businesses and the environment.

With standing experience, we view a project through the client's perspective, adding value through optimum light and ventilation, exquisite green features, and climate control and orientation, thus increasing the valuations of the project in various perspectives. When a well-designed space is combined with a prominent landmark façade, the aspirational value of the property is substantially enhanced.

At Studio29, the priority is end-to-end excellence, from creating a strong architectural design concept, to choosing material and executing projects. We bring in a professional work ethic, due regard to timelines, and a deep understanding of global trends.

Our work is defined by so much more than just recognition. It’s defined by our ability to explore new ideas and harness technology and data to challenge conventions. It’s defined by proof that good design can improve business outcomes and support people with their health, wellness and learning. And it’s defined by our ability to not only create architecture that makes the world a more beautiful place, but a smarter, more sustainable, equitable and inspiring place.